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Decks made of timber

At Decking Adelaide Specialists, we ensure that we build quality and safe decks that last and keep our customers 100% satisfied. We have been building expert decking in Adelaide for the past decade. We use only quality materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring the durability of your deck while giving you great value for money.
We are the best at what we do, efficient & professional services guarantee great results on every job with no hidden costs! Call us today to see the difference we can make in your home or business premises!


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    What decking is and what are its benefits?

    Decking is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space where you entertain or relax with loved ones.
    Decking gives your backyard a new lease on life and will provide the perfect spot for family barbecues, dinner parties or just moments of quiet relaxation. It encourages socialisation within the family by creating spaces for everyone to enjoy.

    Our Services at Decking Adelaide Specialists

    At Decking Adelaide Specialists, we also provide building services in addition to deck installation. For example, we can build pergolas, carports, patios and pool decks. All of our renovation projects are designed with your budget in mind, so whether it’s something large or small you can be assured that the price will fit within your means.
    We also do general home renovations such as extensions, new kitchens & bathrooms and more! Our team of tradesmen are reliable and friendly which makes them popular with our customers too.


    These are structures that provide shelter for vehicles.
    Carport decks are built with 6-by 6 or 8-by 8 timber beams that are placed on crushed rock, gravel or sand. There needs to be adequate drainage under the carports to allow any water that accumulates in it to drain away.


    These are the outdoor structures that are used to provide access to your roofline. They are basically an extension or cover of your roof so that you can use them as a source of shade for whatever purpose you intend to. As with all other woodworking, ensure it is well sealed and painted.

    Pool Decks

    These are decks used around the pool area and should be made of waterproof materials. Usually, tiles, pavers or concrete is used for this and they should provide proper drainage and slope away from the pool.


    Patios are the areas where you can walk on, so they are generally not covered. They can be used to provide pathways in your garden area or simply act as outdoor sitting. They can be made of concrete, wood, stone, et cetera.

    Composite decks being installed
    A timber deck
    A composite deck
    A patio with a cooking area
    A wooden deck being painted

    How to choose the right deck builder for your project

    When choosing a deck builder for your decking project, you’ll need to consider the decking, post and framing cost for both solid decking materials and other types. The other factors that should be considered are whether you want a simple or more complex design, the size, height and slope of your deck, or would like built-in features such as benches or planters.
    You will also need to consider how long it will take to complete the decking project, so take this into account when budgeting your money accordingly. If time is very important, choose a company that has all their tradespeople on hand ready to work rather than hiring them as they go along, which may mean that you’re waiting around for days whilst nothing is happening at site!

    Installation of a wooden deck

    The different types of decking materials available

    We have a large selection of quality decking materials to choose from.
    WPC – the engineered wood composite decking. This is made from hardwood and softwood recycled together to create a long-lasting, low maintenance composite decking option. When using this type of material you can choose from a range of colours like light beige, grey or dark brown as well as having it treated with chemicals such as copper-chrome which make it water-resistant and anti-fungal. This means that you won’t need to worry about painting your deck ever again!
    The other types of materials we use are pressure-treated pine and ipe (pronounced ‘ee-pay’). Aluminium is also a material we can use which is low maintenance and rust-resistant.

    Installation of composite decks

    How to care for your deck once it's been built

    Use a piece of timber to scrape the decking boards clean. Be sure that you do not remove too much wood from the surface by using a firm but gentle motion in one direction.
    : Clean your deck with a cleaner, if necessary. If your cleaner includes bleach, rinse it off thoroughly using a garden hose once you have finished applying it. If the cleaner does not include bleach, after cleaning and rinsing with water using a pressure washer scrub pad to remove any excess dirt or debris from the timbers.
    : Use an oil-based stain on your timbers if they are bare and you wish to protect them from damage caused by moisture penetration or UV light exposure.

    What are the benefits of using decking in Adelaide?

    When many people think about adding additional spaces to their homes they are thinking about building an extension but there are so many benefits to adding decking in Adelaide! The cost is significantly lower than extensions, decks are much easier to build and can be created at any time of year. A deck doesn’t require planning permission like an extension does (your council may require you to get site approval).

    When you choose to build a deck rather than an extension, the value of your home increases. Our decks can be designed with many different styles and layouts so whether you want a deck for dining or entertaining, we have a design that will suit your needs and allow you to enjoy spending time outdoors.
    A deck can also provide a lovely focal point for your garden – it could even become the garden! When the company comes over they will be able to spend more time outside which makes them feel welcome and included in all the family’s activities. In fact, many people use their deck as an outdoor room where they eat and entertain guests.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Decking Adelaide Specialists

    Is the oil on my deck flammable?

    Oil-based stains for decks contain heat activated resins; however, they do not ignite as easily as the stain that was used years ago. As with any product that contains an oil or petroleum distillate, it should be kept away from hot surfaces, direct sunlight and open flames. This can be done by ensuring that your surface is well ventilated; allowing sufficient time between applying the stain and having a BBQ or using any other flame source on your deck.

    Do you offer free-colour matching?

    At Decking Adelaide Specialists we don’t colour match but suggest you contact us at least 3 months before required to give ample time for all of our qualified trades to prepare your materials as they are ordered as per requirement.

    What is the difference between the finish of a painted deck and a stained deck?

    Coloured paints have a film-forming resin that is only designed for one use – that is, once it goes through its curing process, it can no longer give you a uniform colour appearance on your timber surface. This product will lift with every wet/dry cycle and deteriorate very quickly. A penetrating oil-based stain has oils in suspension which allows the stuff to be dry applied and penetrate into your surface, offering long term colour protection from weathering from rain or sun exposure.

    Which is the best materials should I go for when making my deck?

    1. Treated Pine / Merbau / Spotted Gum (colour) (pressure treated and kiln dried offering the best resistance to rot and decay)
    2. Merbau (un-treated allowing for a better finish of the timber with your chosen coloured treatment of stain or paint)
    3. Beech or Ash (not available in our area but may be available from other reputable distributors).

    What about warranty from the products you recommend?

    All products carry a written manufacturer’s guarantee, but this is not transferable if sold to another owner.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Decking Adelaide Specialists, we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure your project comes off without a hitch. We will work with you from start to finish, providing advice on all aspects of your business and helping you come up with a solution that is going to meet your needs and budget.
    Our products are made from a strong and durable material, making them a great investment that is going to last for years to come. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and will go above and beyond your expectations.
    Our team has been servicing Adelaide’s north since 2003, so we have plenty of experience when it comes to decking. We handle custom projects and commercial ones as well, so if you run a motel or restaurant, for example, we can provide the right advice on the suitable deck for you.


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