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Rundle Mall

About Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall is a vibrant and bustling shopping precinct that attracts locals and tourists alike. Spanning over 500 meters, it is one of the longest and busiest pedestrian malls in the Southern Hemisphere. With its unique blend of retail shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues, Rundle Mall offers visitors a memorable shopping experience in a vibrant atmosphere. Established in 1976, Rundle Mall has become an iconic landmark of Adelaide. The mall is surrounded by historical buildings and architectural wonders, creating a charming and picturesque setting for visitors to explore. The mall’s centrepiece is the iconic Rundle Mall Balls, a collection of four large, silver spheres suspended above the pedestrian walkway. These balls have become synonymous with Rundle Mall and are a popular meeting point for locals and tourists.

Rundle Mall is home to over 700 retailers, ranging from high-end fashion brands to boutique stores and local artisans. Visitors can find everything from designer clothing and accessories to unique gifts and souvenirs. The mall also boasts many speciality stores, including bookshops, music stores, and technology outlets. With its diverse range of shops and boutiques, Rundle Mall caters to every budget and style, ensuring something for everyone.

Rundle Mall

What To Do At Rundle Mall

Aside from shopping, Rundle Mall offers a variety of activities and attractions to keep visitors entertained. One of the highlights is the Rundle Mall Pigs, a unique art installation featuring five bronze pigs. These whimsical sculptures have become a favourite among visitors, who enjoy taking photos and interacting with the playful pigs. The pigs are often dressed up in different costumes to celebrate special occasions and events, adding a touch of fun and humour to the mall. Food lovers will also be delighted by the dining options available at Rundle Mall. The mall has different cafes, restaurants, and eateries serving diverse cuisines. Whether craving a quick snack, a hearty meal, or a cup of coffee, Rundle Mall has something to satisfy every palate. Visitors can dine al fresco, enjoy the mall’s bustling atmosphere, or opt for a cosy indoor setting.

In addition to shopping and dining, Rundle Mall hosts various events and performances throughout the year. From live music and street performers to fashion shows and cultural festivals, there is always something happening at Rundle Mall. Visitors can check the mall’s website or social media pages to stay updated on the latest events and activities. Rundle Mall is near some of Adelaide’s most iconic landmarks and attractions. Just a short walk away, visitors can explore the Adelaide Botanic Garden, a tranquil oasis boasting stunning gardens and plant collections. The Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum are also nearby, offering a rich cultural experience for art and history enthusiasts.

Rundle Mall

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